Joining the Fight Against Oppression

It's deeply saddening to see that systemic oppression still exists in present day America.  While LASSO was founded on the idea that a person's body shouldn't define how they feel in their clothing, it parallels perfectly into the the challenges we are facing today: a person's skin color shouldn't define the rights they are afforded.

Empathy is one of the traits that most defines us as human beings, but it's also one of the most important responsibilities that we carry as a species.  We must take the time to educate ourselves on the issues that our communities are gripping with and speak up to amplify the call for help.  We must take action to end the oppression and overcome the biases.  We must stand together to end the injustice. 


Here are 4 ways you can join the movement and make a difference:

1. Educate yourself: Change begins with education. While many people cannot directly relate to the discrimination still taking place today, it is crucial to realize that one's individual experience doesn't always accurately represent the whole picture. Through education, we can begin to recognize privilege and fight against the toughest unconscious biases that plague black freedom. Read books, listen to podcasts, and pay attention to people sharing their personal accounts, and remember to keep your mind open and try to put yourself in the experience of the other person.


2. Donate to organizations in need: Here are several organizations that you can fund right now to support black people and help the fight against racism.

Black Lives Matter

Black Visions Collective

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

American Civil Liberties Union

National Police Accountability Project


3. Join a peaceful protest: Throughout history, public protests have been crucial to the visibility and success of civil rights campaigns – from women winning the vote to LGBTQ+ rights. If you are going to make your voice heard, especially in the US, here’s what you need to know before you go out to protest.


4. Support local black creators and business owners: It's an unfortunate reality that black owned businesses have a more difficult time in getting funding, have less resources available for building crucial networking relationships, and have an overall lower likelihood of succeeding longer term. Do your homework in seeking out local black owned restaurants, cafes, and shops and show your support by choosing to cast your dollar and vote towards leveling the playing field.

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