The Future of Fashion

You go into your favorite online store, let’s say you’re looking for a top that'll complete the look of your custom-made LASSO jeans. Once in the website, you log into your account and pull up your life-like 3D avatar which you can see standing in your living room using your cell-phone’s augmented reality capabilities. This avatar not only looks exactly like you, down to the finest detail, but it has your exact body measurements across 1,000 data points all over your body.  You first dress your avatar in the jeans you’re looking to compliment and then style it with each top that catches your eye as you’re browsing the store. Of course, you don’t have to browse too long because the store has a customer persona built for you and knows your tastes better than your spouse does - it provides a few great recommendations of things you’d like. Once you decide on which top caught your eye the most, you add it to your cart and checkout. Notice how you didn’t have to pick a size to buy the garment. Immediately following the purchase, your measurements and the garment you chose are sent to a digitally enhanced manufacturer that cuts and sews the garment to your exact body measurements. Once finished, it's packaged and shipped to your front door within a few days. You already knew you were going to love it because you saw it on an exact replica of yourself and it fits perfectly because it was specifically made for your body.


On top of all of this, there was no waste generated from unsold garments because it was made after the order was placed, and GHG emissions were reduced because the garment didn’t have to go from the manufacturer, to a warehouse, to the store, to your home (it was instead sent directly to you).


How far away do you think we are from this future? Would you be surprised if I tell you that the answer is “not very”? As you know, LASSO already makes garments custom to your body, the difference is that we still prefer measuring yourself the tried-and-true method because modern phone compatible body measurement technologies are not as accurate as they need to be to ensure a perfect fitting garment. They can still be off by 2-3 inches for circumference measurements. There are state of the art body scanners that are incredibly accurate, but because people are unlikely to have one in their home, this would require you to go to a physical location to get measured, decreasing the convenience of the experience.


Fashion e-commerce is going to evolve faster than you’ll notice in the coming years and I think it’ll be in a way that’s much more useful than self-fastening shoes (no offense, Marty McFly). Drop us a message and let us know if you’re excited for this future ( and check out our tailor made LASSO jeans - you’ll never go back to buying off-the-rack.

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